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Mobile Medical Clinic for sale: *SOLD*

2021 mobile medical clinic with 2 exam rooms for sale - Stock #10199

Year: 2021
Mileage: New
Generator size and hours: 7kw
Number of exam rooms: 2
Restroom: Yes
Require a CDL: No
Engine Type: Gas
Weight: 22,500

Brand new 2021 Mobile Medical Clinic for sale. We redesigned the 2021 mobile clinic to add two extra feet to make this unit 36 feet. You can really feel the extra room compared to our 34 footer. This unit has 2 private exam rooms with a Ritter 204 exam tables and cabinets with sinks. Waiting room with TV. Lab area with fridge. This mobile clinic comes with a Braun wheelchair lift. We have 12 on order. Please call or text to see if we have any left. **Sold**

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